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[audio]promo - injy abdellah
auc and things
Keywords: auc and things
Downloads: 9
[audio]Bens And Things 2: What a day! - Pens and Things
Hey, Bens and Things is back. With Shane and Calvin. I can't vouch for them, but Ben's pretty chill.
Keywords: Bens and Things; Pens and things; Hula Garbage; St Olaf
Downloads: 41
[audio]Episode 29: Do you wanna hear a really bad truth, or a really bad lie? - Pens and Things
Trevor's back, Mac's back. You should be happy.
Keywords: Pens and things; muggings; buddies
Downloads: 2
[audio]Episode 29: Do you wanna hear a really bad truth, or a really bad lie? - Pens And Things
Trevor's back, Mac's back! horray
Keywords: pens and things; muggings; buddies
Downloads: 34
[audio]eLeCtRiC dOo DoO (Side A) - chris howard
imagine yourself on a toilet
Keywords: poop; keyboard; stuff; and things
Downloads: 66 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Episode 21: Who Has The Corn? - Pens And Things
We have some friends in the studio, talking about ice, Coolnas, zotz, and corn. Appreciate it, as we appreciate you.
Keywords: Pens and things; Corn; Rod; Zotz; Ice
Downloads: 52
[audio]Episode 20: A masterpiece - Pens and Things
This episode is honest to goodness, a real episode of pens and things, sorry it took so long! Special guest MITCH, and it's real good.
Keywords: Pens and things; art; criticism; happy; sad
Downloads: 45
[audio]Thoughts, Observations, and Things Left Unsaid - Richard A. Weir
This is a test podcast for itunes.
Keywords: Thoughts; Observations; and Things Left Unsaid
Downloads: 8
[audio]Podcast 22! Eggshellslz - Pens and Things
This one took a while, for mysterious reasons! But check this out, it's beautiful, we have a new studio set up, we record, with special guest KEVIN KOREMAN. And then it's all fun and games, talk about college and more.
Keywords: Pens and things; College; EggShells; rockstars
Downloads: 30
[audio]Thoughts, Observations, and Things Left Unsaid - Test 1 - Richard A. Weir
This is the first test of my audio blog.
Keywords: Thoughts; Observations; and Things Left Unsaid; Weir
Downloads: 11
[audio]Bonus Episode 6: Officer Cop Faces The Facts - Pens And Things
On Charlie's radio show, he interviews an Officer Cop from the Police, about his life in lockup. Enjoy.
Keywords: Pens and Things; Radio Waves; Hula Garbage; cops; wow
Downloads: 22
[audio]Bonus Episode 4: Who wasn't here? - Pens and Things
I don't really get it! Who wasn't here? I don't know. This is a lot a crap. We talk about the oscars.
Keywords: Pens and things; Hula garbage; rocking out; oscars; fun
Downloads: 26
[audio]Episode 27: Be Cool Is The Sequel To Get Shorty - Pens And Things
It's just that first sip after that cracking-open-the-can sound.
Keywords: Pens and Things; hula Garbage; coke; listen; sequel; pete zasus
Downloads: 45
[audio]Episode 33: Let's Really Talk About Popcorn - Hula Garbage
I think this episode has a lot of people, and a lot of wacky stuff! I hope you like it! this video is so fucking good you love it it's so run run run, walk walk walk, so you don't get tired.
Keywords: Pens and Things; Hula Garbage; Rockin'; Sockin'; Popcorn; Pete Zasus
Downloads: 40
[audio]Episode 31: Who Did You Have? - Pens And Things
THIS IS A CRAZY EP{SODE! Actually, it's pretty low-key. We got returns of some famous guests, Kevin, Cool Davy D, and Todd. But also we have a new dude, check him out. It's a good episode, we learn about Final Destination
Keywords: Hula Garbage; Pens and Things; Final Destination; Accidents; August; Gum
Downloads: 24
[audio]Bonus Episode 5: Clive Mint - Pens And Things
Charlie O'Hara and Guj Fumner interview Clive Mint, Justin Bieber's biggest fan, and the founder of Toons for toons for toos for teens and kids. Also we talked to his friend and lawyer Atlas, who showed an interesting light on Clive's actual life. Check it.
Keywords: Pens and things; Hula Garbage; Clive Mint; Justin Bieber; Atlas
Downloads: 40
[audio]Episode 16: Padcast Part 2: Terror Trip! - Pens and Things
Adam, Charlie, Trevor, and Kevin, talk about soda, top 5 wow wow. also mac appears and blasts the water into the air!
Keywords: adam; pens and things; pens things; soda; 5; mac
Downloads: 36
[audio]Secretpodcast4ameliafarewell - Pens and things
The normal Pens and Things guys you love and cherish help Ben understand the female mind/how to seduce Judge Judy. NOTE: If events or people in this podcast remind you of real events and people, we understand how you might be a little creeped out, but we chose all the girls mentioned at random out of a yearbook, and don't mean anything by it at all. Chill out for once.
Keywords: podcast; secrets; pens and things; live; kill; kill; kill kill
Downloads: 48
[audio]Pens and Things Episode 18: The Digital Revolution - Pens and Things
LIVE FROM THE LHC! Enjoy your friends Charlie Adam Trevor and even Mac!
Keywords: LHC; Pens and things; pens; things; digital Revolution
Downloads: 39
[audio]Words & Things - original studio pilot shows -
Here we present the original pilot "studio" radio shows (2) Produced and presented by Mikey T and LS III. The original concept was to promote local unsigned bands and performers with an informal and entertaining format. These podcasts were originally featured on and have also been broadcast across Sheffield on the local community station - "Sheffield Live". Unfortunatley due to problems sourcing content and presenters personal commitments, only 2 were recorded so sadly the f...
Keywords: sheffield; words and things; wat; poetry; music; local
Downloads: 156
[audio]Episode 19: Foolin around in 3D - Pens and Things
Wanna go 3d HP ICE T! Hada da dadada. We talk about april fools, and I forgot a lot of this stuff.
Keywords: April Fools; Pens and things; gritty; as; heck
Downloads: 38
[audio]Episode 23 (sorta): SCAMS - Pens and Things
Listen, this episode is just goofy. We are gonna scam you. Whoa!
Keywords: Pens and things; scams; no mac; no trevor
Downloads: 39
[audio]Episode 34: How To Just Like People - Hula Garbage
This is a really special halloween episode for all of you fans of the show and it will really make you think about problems and music and vampires. Right now you are probably thinking, it is not near halloween, and you would be right. HAHAHAHAHA whooops. Also I think maybe Charlie sings the tune to Master P's Make Em Say Uhh, and doesn't know what it is, but that coulda been in real life, and maybe over the summer.
Keywords: Pens and Things; Hula Garbage; Halloween; Dracula; Haunted; Rick; UHHHH!
Downloads: 89
[movies]Making The Most Of The Micro Episode 3: Strings and Things - BBC2

Keywords: Making The Most of The Micro; Strings and Things
Downloads: 154
[audio]OnTheRocks, Is Totally Coolio
Greetings Citizens, this week Phil and Scott discuss how Phil will try and suck up to Coolio. Will he end up in a gangstas paradise. Then they make a horrible attempt at address the differences between black and white people, are we all really gray?
Keywords: Scott Wilson; Phil Fox; Stand Up Comedy and Things
Downloads: 109
[audio]Island Ghost Radio - Mike Giardelli - 11-08-09 - Island Ghost Radio
First, a listener shares a ghostly encounter that has changed her life. Next, we bring on Mike Giardelli of Shadow World Paranormal Studies. Mike tells us some of his experiences with the paranormal and what got him interested in investigating.
Keywords: Ghosts; humor; stuff; things; more ghosts and stuff and things
Downloads: 870
[audio]Episode 28: Scary Ballerina - Pens And Things
This is a happy episode for everyone, we have some classic guests, and some first timers mixing to become best friends. There's a lot of clapping and what more could you want! I don't know.
Keywords: Hula Garbage; Pens and Things; Ballerina; gnocci; rock; gazebos; youtube
Downloads: 52
[audio]Episode 24: It's Tough to Think About Star Wars. - Pens And Things
Charlie and Adam are back, wearing their favorite shirts, showing their favorite asses. Right? yup! Now let me put you in the know, We talk about college, and food and all sorts of silly shit! Also look at this stuff! wow!
Keywords: Pens and things; comedy; rockin; music; a lot of it; movie; star wars; college; hula garbage
Downloads: 48
[audio]Episode 30: Dr. Steaven Guggs at a Wedding - Hula Garbage
We have some dudes chilling, It's the first installment of Ask a Senator. Also, whose voice is this,
Keywords: Hula Garbage; Pens and Things; ask a senator; congrats on your wedding; that's all
Downloads: 45
[audio]Bonus episode 3: hills and Rings. - pens and Things
Bonus episode chock-full of crazy interviews from Charlie's radio show From The Hill on On Friday May 21 at noon to that Saturday at 2 Charlie and Adam will be on Wobc broadcasting THE oNLY ThING MADE oF IRON I WONDER: Official Pens and Things 26 hour radio marathon.
Keywords: pens and things; from the hill; wobc; throbby williams; martin corduroy; adam bosarge; oil spill; finals
Downloads: 42
[audio]Episode 25: Wet Bra In the Backseat - Pens and Things
This is an episode of pens and things. And wow a lot happens. Adam and Charlie are hosting, but there's some special guests 3. Lee, Tim, and rookie spencer. Now there is a story all about Ian and rhymey Zach. There's a clothes contest. and what is love
Keywords: Pens and things; What is love; shitty houses; music; clothes; hula garbage
Downloads: 55
[audio]The Open Mic Roadshow - 2008-2010 -
We present a small selection from our archive of legacy live events. The original "Open Mic Roadshow" was a showcase for creative writers, musicians and singers. Held numerous times across Sheffield at selected venues. On this page you'll be able to hear all of our earlier podcasts. For information about the latest events visit: Check out our latest live event podcasts now known as - "Words and Things Radio Show" on
Keywords: words and things, open mic roadshow, sheffield, roebuck, poems and pints, music, live
Downloads: 119
[audio]Episode 14: Ben's Angry Part 1 - Pens and Things
We talk about a lot of stuff, but more than anything else. SIDEQUEST PISS OFF BEN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! KILL A MOFUCKA The second part will come out in a couple days. Thanks!
Keywords: Pens things; parts; pens and things; things; part 1; lifestyle; live for free
Downloads: 34
[audio]Episode 12: Scarecast
Special bonusy episode! Wow! The guys, and more play a fantastic, but terrifying board game! Who knows what'll happen, next.
Keywords: Betrayal at the house on the hill; betrayal; pens; things; pens and things
Downloads: 351
[audio]Pens and Things Episode 5: Very Much Good Lucky - Pens and Things
Adam, Mac, Charlie, and Trevor talk about magical twins, sharks, and Vin Diesel. Also radio drama.
Keywords: Vin Diesel; Shark; SUV; Black and White twins; Radio Drama; Numbers; Pens and Things
Downloads: 134
[audio]Episode 32: Just Like There Are Tastes, There Are Sights - Pens And Things
Haven't I seen you somewhere?
Keywords: Pens and things; Hula Garbage; Whose that new girl?; poldek; rockin ep
Downloads: 37
[audio]Podcast 14b pens and things - Pens and Things
We're basically done irritating ben, but now we read old yearbook signatures, get introspective, and list x-men. We're very tired now. FINALLY THIS IS THE SECOND PART TO EPISODE 14, WHICH YOU'VE ALREADY HEARD PROLLY
Keywords: pens and things; ben; x-men; pens things; yearbook; sam; lipstick; rockstars; homeruns
Downloads: 20
[audio]Words & Things Radio Show - June 2012 -
The Howard Public House, Sheffield We present our summer 2012 internet radio show. Hosted by Ruth Grimsley, Paul Amber and Mikey T. There was a very good turn out of both old and new participants even though we had many doubts cast our way regarding the date chosen for the event. In absolute innocence (there are no great football addicts in Words and Things!) we had decided to make our Howard debut against the two opening matches of Euro 2012! Still, one (more than one actually!) must soldier on...
Keywords: words and things; radio show; live event; poetry; open mic; sheffield; the howard
Downloads: 49
[audio]Episode 26: Two Thousand and Five Hundred Dollars! - Pens and Things
Hosts Adam and Charlie are sitting around with 2 special guests. Also while it is now almost May, this episode was recorded on the literal first day of April. As a special Public Service Announcement, if you are sick, maybe you should go see a doctor.
Keywords: Pens and things; Hula Garbage; Lee; Spencer; LaBute; April Fools; Prank; Doctors
Downloads: 32
[audio]Bonus Episode 2 Frights and Things - Pens and Things
Special bonusy episode! Wow! The guys, and more play a fantastic, but terrifying board game! Who knows what'll happen, next.
Keywords: Pens and things; betrayal at the house on the hill; Malia Obama
Downloads: 8
[audio]Words & Things Radio Show - Nov 2012 -
Henry`s Bar, Sheffield Presented by Ruth Grimsley and Paul Amber A really big thank you to all the performers and audience members who gave their support on this night which attracted an overwhelming turnout, far exceeding our original expectations. We were treated to some brilliant spoken word performances from our regular guests, and some very welcome newcomers. A special mention should be made for the wonderful contributions made by the Write Space & Prozac Prose writing groups – some reall...
Keywords: words and things; poetry; open mic; radio show; henrys bar; sheffield; live event
Downloads: 65
[audio]Episode 15: Padcast Part 1: General Hospital - Pens and Things
We've done it again, made an episode far too long to really be listened to. Fortunately for you the listener, we kept our energy level up, so at least the first 2 or 3 segments are 100% fun. Adam and I talk about college. Trevor talks on the phone. Kevin talks about sex. Mac is coming, almost there. Ben doesn't understand microphones. And Nora, well Nora laughs at our jokes, and is pretty personable...
Keywords: pens and things; pens; things; friends; a lot of them; guests; songs; life; liberty; fire
Downloads: 42
[audio]Bob and Dan Cast2-10 - Bob and Dan Cast
s2e10: After awhile, krokodil.
Keywords: krokodil; bob and dan cast; bobanddancast; podcast; comedy podcast; nnf; free; earwolf challenge; black friday; linens and things
Downloads: 219
[audio]Episode 17: Padcast Part 3: The Finale? With Legs! - Pens and Things
The guys talk about podcasting, tell horror stories, wrap up 2010, and Adam tells the once and only classic Darryl Lewis caper.
Keywords: pens and things; pens; things; friends; a lot of them; part 3; darryl; guests; songs; life; liberty; fire
Downloads: 30
[audio]Tales from the Golden Cabinet ::: Essential Oils with Blanca DePaul - Teresa Maijala
On Today's show I am excited to welcome Blanca DePual into the KOOP Studios. Blanca is going to share with us about the use of therapeutic grade Essential Oils. Essential oils are volatile liquids extracted from plants. Oftentimes, it takes an entire plant or more to produce one single drop of essential oil. This is what makes that one drop of oil so potent and at the same time, so expensive to distill...
Keywords: Tales from the Golden Cabinet; Teresa Maijala; Blanca DePaul; essential oils; Herbs and Things; herbal medicine; natural healing
Downloads: 40
[audio]Words &Things Radio Show - Dec 2012 -
Recorded at the Jurys Inn Hotel Eyre Street Sheffield.Presented by Ruth Grimsley, Paul Amber and Mikey TOn the night of our very first event held at the Jurys Inn Sheffield, it looked as though the turnout was going to be very slim. But, even though the winter weather was most definitely against us, it didn't stop enough performing visitors who made it an entertaining and worthwhile night.Not only did we have some returning guests, but some truly intriguing newcomers – some from outside the ci...
Keywords: words and things; radio show; live event; poetry; musicians; open mic; sheffield; jurys inn; ruth grimsley; paul amber; mikey t
Downloads: 93
[audio]Episode 2 - Hitchhikers guide to the downstairs toilet and things to look forward to in 2010 - Defenders of the Mirth
Hitchhikers guide to the downstairs toilet and things to look forward to in 2010
Keywords: Podcast; Defenders of the Mirth; Episode 2; Hitchhikers guide to the downstairs toilet and things to look forward to in 2010
Downloads: 145
Image gallery of luxury Kelowna BC accommodations and things to do in the Okanagan Valley. Play some golf on the fabulous Okanagan Valley courses, do some wine tours and taste some world reknowned VQA vino, hit the beach at the Okanagan Lake or do some water surfing or tubing with the family.
Keywords: Image gallery of luxury Kelowna BC accommodations and things to do in the Okanagan Valley. Play some golf on the fabulous Okanagan Valley courses; do some wine tours and taste some world reknowned VQA vino; hit the beach at the Okanagan Lake or do some water surfing or tubing with the family.
Downloads: 8
[texts]Tabsirah Bar Tarikh Khateeb Baghdadi - Maulana Habibur Rahman Shirwani
A note on Tarikh Baghdad:  Urdu Review of al-Khatib’s Tarikh al-Baghdad. “Tabsirah bar Tarikh Khateeb Baghdadi” by Maulana Habibur Rahman Shirwani. It is a review of Khatib al-Baghdadi’s Tarikh al-Baghdad by Shaykh Habibur Rahman Shirwani in Urdu. Shaykh Shirwani was related to Dar al-Musannifin
Keywords: Tarikh Baghdad, Khatib Baghdadi, Imam Abu Hanfia; Shibli Academy; Lucknow. He begins with the basic layout of the voluminous work; information about Baghdad and things of the sort. Most detailed critical review is on the narrations of praise and criticism of Imam Abu Hanifa. He shows how the narrations disparaging Imam Abu Hanifa are of no value and are simply worthy of total rejection. Likewise he writes about the narrations on Qadi Abu Yusuf and Imam Muhammad bin al-Hasan al-Shaybani. The review was much praised by Maulana Abdul Majid Daryabadi in May 27; 1940 issue of his paper “Sidq.”
Downloads: 331
[audio]Wry Mass Tick Felony 4-xii-2013 - Ben Watson
This episode of Ben Watson's long-running weekly radio show on Resonance FM proselytizes for Sugarcane Harris and James Blood Ulmer (players who should have been pop stars in Watson's opinion), and investigates the "expressive agony" they have in common with "Glissandi", an electronic tape composition Gyorgy Ligeti realised at Radio Cologne in 1957; Watson also talks about how certain periods of history appear to lengthen as we grow fascinated with them, citing Andy Wilson's "Faust: Stretch Out ...
Keywords: Audio Esemplasm; Ben Watson; Late Lunch With Out To Lunch; Resonance FM; Sugarcane Harris; Shuggie Otis; Johnnie Otis; Roger Spotts; Epic; Don't You Think I've Paid Enough?; Johan Huizinger; Guy Debord; Andy Wilson; Faust Stretch Out Time; Valis; Walter Benjamin; Angel of History; money; Richard Seaford; time; Nick Blinko; lichen; Patti Smith; Bishop Brown; Communism and Christianism; Alan Wilkinson; Nacht Musik; Seedy Boy; Gina Southgate; Bruce's Fingers; Martian Embassy; Gamma; Paul Gamble; John Rety; Melanie Clifford; James Blood Ulmer; Swings and Things; Part Time; Rough Trade; Gyorgy Ligeti; Glissandi; Acousmatrix 6 Cologne - WDR; BVHaast; Charles Burnham; Warren Benbow; Won't Slack Woad Sack; Michael Tencer; J.H. Prynne; Ken Fox; Schmutzdeck; Azmud; Unkant; You Could've Had Me Baby; Giselher Kiebe; Interferenzen
Downloads: 49
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